Our dining room is Underwater.

Well, it is according to this paint chip, which is the new bluey-greeny-grayish color of our dining room:

Over the weekend, with the help of my fabulous in-laws (who now live a mere 11 minutes away--happy dance!), our dining room began looking decidedly less like theirs (previous owners) and more like ours:

In the interest of ensuring that none of that red seeped through and ruined our hard work, we decided to first put on a coat of Olympic no-VOC tinted primer, which made the room look completely different all by itself:

The paint is also Olympic no-VOC in eggshell, and we had it color matched to the Behr chip you saw above. No-VOC (aka no-stink, no-headaches, no-feeling as though you're inhaling something that is killing your brain cells) was absolutely the way to go for us, especially since we couldn't open the windows given that is was approximately 8 degrees outside.

We are 150% happy with the result. There were no color surprises with the helpfully huge paint chips that Behr makes, and we also did the whole tape-the-swatches-to-the-wall-and-scrutinize-them-under-every-possible-lighting-condition thing to figure out which one would work best for that room.

Touching up the chipped baseboards=my next project!
So there you have it: our new "Underwater" dining room. Does anyone else think that I should hang a bunch of plastic mermaids and inflatable clown fish from the ceiling to continue the theme? So far, Rick has vetoed me on that one. Shucks. I suppose, instead, that I'll just start a new habit of loudly singing "Under the Sea" with as many awkward key changes as I can manage every time I enter the room. Then he will surely agree to my master plan. ;)


  1. Anonymous2/24/2011

    The new paint looks great! Love the color. Much better than the red!

  2. bahaha I can picture the creepy mermaids now... =) too funny!

    I love this color! How bold are you!? We obv. have to be friends! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Octopi. You need octopi. Maybe with crepe paper legs? Yes.

    That color is incredible. Can't wait to see what else you do in that room!

  4. Thanks everyone! We're liking the color, too :)

  5. I think both colors look awesome in that room, the windows have some crazy wicked moulding around them. Also that is a great light fixture. Looking good!

  6. Rich, sophisticated color. I'm relieved that you LIED to us on the post title, though. ;) Had me worried there for a minute...um, even though, again, I am reading and commenting on this a year later. What can I say? I care.

    I'm slightly whatever the Christian alternative for the word jealous would be (ha!) of your awesome woodwork around your window. So Fla homes don't have that. We're so boring/we have cheap builders with no charm.


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