Honey, we forgot the salon chair!

A lonely wine glass at the back of a kitchen cabinet. A mate-less Hello Kitty sock. A chewed dog bone behind the stairs. These are all the things we expected to find (or at least weren't surprised to find) when we scurried through our house the night of closing. What we didn't expect was a full box of non-alcoholic Milwaukee beer:

You know you'll want to be at our next party.

A salon chair:

 Now our kids can act out "Beauty School Dropout"!

Or the most hideous light fixture I've ever seen to date:

I'm thinking this will go nicely above our bed.

Anyone else find any weird stuff left behind when they moved into a new house or apartment? :)


  1. Guess I better start following over here instead :)

  2. The previous owners left behind some OJ in the fridge with a bottle of some kind of alcoholic beverage - I guess they wanted us to celebrate. :) I think it's really cool to see what gets left behind.
    That light fixture is scary, make sure no one hits it with a bat, it looks like something could be living in there!

  3. P.S. I love the name of the new blog!

  4. Ah! I hope nothing comes out of that light fixture--I might never want to move into the house!

  5. Oh my gosh that light fixture looks like WORMS!!!! AH!!!

  6. Well, of course your first post would be as hilarious as the rest of your blog. Apparently, you are awesomeness from the start.

    That light is disgusting. Disgusting!

    And thank you for putting "Beauty School Drop Out" in my head. It can take the place of the Muppets song (from the new Muppet movie. The things I do for my children! Agh!) It's been plaguing my head for days.


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