Demolition: it's one of those man things.

I mentioned here that Rick and I have both gotten quite chummy with crowbars during our stint as new homeowners. Rick, especially, was chomping at the metaphorical bit (where did that expression come from, anyway?) to start demolishing things. I think this falls under the category of "man things," like not asking for directions, drooling over surround sound, and leaving the toilet seat up. (Not that I don't enjoy a certain amount of demolition myself, of course. There's something therapeutic about crushing things. Especially if you think about the students that made you angry during the week.)

Anyway, one of the upstairs bedrooms had this makeshift closet built in it:

We weren't fans of it, because it was pretty obvious that it was not originally part of the house, and it significantly cut into the room's entryway. We also have plans for tweaking the floor plan in the upstairs to better make use of the space, which includes adding new closets elsewhere. So, keeping all of these things in mind, Rick went at it with his trusty crowbar. You can't tell from this picture, but he was drooling a little bit as he did this.

And the rest is history.

This is better than a trip to Best Buy!

The obligatory before and after with a small dose of he-man satisfaction.

And now I need to go gently pry the power tools out of Rick's hands before he begins unnecessarily demolishing other pieces of our home, a la Clark Griswold with the chainsaw in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.


  1. Anonymous2/21/2011

    "Chomping at the bit" basically refers to horse racing....or riding horses in general. The 'bit' is the metal part of a bridle that goes in the horses mouth. When the horse has the bit in its mouth it tends to chew on it...and when a race horse is in the shoot is chews on it in anticipation and when the gate opens...BAM time to run...

    Soooooo....."chomping on the bit" is the whole "Woooo lets go, I'm ready!" or in Rick's case: "Wooooooooo...crowbar.....lets destroy some closets!"

    I knew my childhood obsession with horses would pay off some day :-p


  2. Thanks!! Oh, good times with horses. I still remember your collection fondly. :)

  3. This is bad but I am actually amused by the thought of your houses previous owners coming back some day and being devastated that their bird houses, entrance blocking closets and rope have all been taken away. :D

  4. You referenced Clark Griswold. I love you. :)

    You have some odd things going in your house....and it makes for great blog posts. You should be thanking the previous homeowners. :)

    I agree..."the closet's gotsta GO!" (What are people thinking? Oh. They're not.)

    Props to you for redoing everything in a home that has great potential and needs a little TLC. I've always thought it would be fun (okay, fun as in fulfilling, rewarding...all that jazz) but my hub is not on the same page. I think it's great that you and Rick are doing all this together. :)


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