Our Baby Girl’s Mint and Coral Nursery {Revealed}

Two posts in two weeks. Somebody stop me. On second thought, given my track record, I can probably take care of stopping myself. You’re dismissed.

On Sunday we put the finishing touches on our baby girl’s mint and coral nursery. This means that all we need now is, well, a baby girl to put in it.

mint and coral nursery

This also means that I will now show you one nursery picture for every 528 I plan on taking of our baby in her first minute week of life. First, the dresser/changing table that got a makeover….and an evil trick. An evil trick in the form of a DIY wooden monogram that gives you a hint about our baby’s first name but is evil because that’s where this story ends. Anyone care to take a guess? ;)

baby girl nursery monogram

I traced the tricky K onto a piece of leftover plywood and Rick cut it out, then painted it with Benjamin Moore’s Peach Pink.

baby girl nursery

I sewed that giant pouf myself (using this fabric) and stuffed it with about 9 gazillion plastic bags and packing peanuts. It was, to say the least, going to be much smaller in my head. And I may or may not get around to a tutorial, but there are plenty of others around the web if you absolutely need a basically useless but totally cute pouf of your own.

coral and mint baby girl nursery

The crib is this one from Walmart. The little mint pail is from World Market. Closet curtain fabric is from Joann. Window curtain fabric discussed here.

coral and mint nursery

The rocking chair was in my nursery as a baby and used to be white. It was a bit yellowed from its age so I gave it a fresh coat of the same Pink Peach from the ‘K’ mixed with Simply White to tone it down a bit. That sweet little art behind the rocking chair is a free printable I found here. Bonus: you can color it in with whatever colors coordinate with your room. So I obviously did.

nursery art

The chandy mobile is from Urban Outfitters forever ago and finally has a nice place to live in our home, unless you count the back of a dark closet as being nice. We took off one of the layers to make it lighter and shorter.


The gallery wall is one of my favorite things and helps make the randomly placed light fixture blend in a little better instead of screaming HEY LOOK AT ME I AM A RANDOMLY PLACED LIGHT FIXTURE. The “art” in the frames is made from pages out of a 25 cent book that I picked at a yard sale. It was really a pretty lame storyline so I didn’t feel bad ripping it apart.

nursery gallery wall

Oh, and that carpet you see? That’s our new wall-to-wall. It’s Shaw Flooring, Conquest in Limestone and it was the best call ever for our upstairs. I like that it is neutral and soft underfoot but adds some visual texture to the floor.

baby girl's mint and coral nursery

Aaaand because I’m told no reveal post would be complete without a couple before and afters:

nursery before and after

nursery before and afters

See the in-between stages here.

So. A baby-less nursery. We tried really hard to believe my water broke yesterday morning but, spoiler alert, it turned out I just wet myself. Apparently incontinence is acceptable at 39 weeks gestation. Here I am telling Baby K in my scariest voice that she needs to stop making me pee my pants being so cozy in there and come out already.


I’m feeling well enough, but her Uncle Brendan goes back to Phoenix on Friday and it would be really great if he got to meet her, don’t you think? Say yes.

Psst…I’ve added a super fun raindrop accent wall since this post! Check it out here!

colorful vinyl raindrop accent wall


  1. I love the gallery wall, such lovely pictures! And its so nice you have a rocking chair from your nursery. I bought a rocking chair years ago at a thrift shop that I keep meaning to do up.

    Can't believe how good you look, it's really like you have a football up your top :-) Hope wee K makes an appearance soon! xoxo

  2. oh wow!!!! it is BEAUTIFUL, and so are you! LOVE that dresser and love the colors! love the gallery wall- love. it. all.

  3. What a gorgeous room! I love the new carpet, the pouf and the mobile. :) You look great. I feel your uncomfortable feelings. I'm 35 weeks with twins and my doc says it's like I"m 42 weeks...ha.

  4. so cute! Love all of it....especially that dresser and rocking chair. I think your baby girl will be very happy there (hopefully she will like it enough to sleep for you guys :)

  5. Ha, that's an awesome idea to frame those illustrations. My wife and I love good illustrations in children's books but sometimes it's accompanied by the worst stories. Next time I see some I really like I'll keep in mind that I could always hang it somewhere.

  6. Love the room - it is beautiful!! It looks so serene in there.
    Side note: I am infinitely jealous that you are one of those women who stays thin, aside from the bump.
    Another side note: does "K" mean you're naming your baby Kristen after me? ;)

  7. Gorgeous nursery, and an even cuter bump! I love the light fixture in the middle of the frame gallery and the other light fixture and, oh, everything! Coral and mint are my favourite colours this year.

    Come out and play, baby girl!

  8. Oh my goodness, gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mint and coral color palette, so pretty, so girly and so calming. She's going to love learning a million new things in this room and you are going to love watching her. I'm so excited for you and your husband. God bless you and we can't wait to meet her!!!

  9. SERIOUSLY CUTE NURSERY. And seriously cute pregnant lady!!! CAN"T WAIT FOR THE "she's here!" POST!!!!!

  10. that chandy is adorable.
    who am i kidding, this whole nursery is adorable.

    ok time to start guessing names. I bet it's going to be something really classy like, Kardashian.

    I kid I kid.it's going to be just as beautiful as this nursery!!

    1. Well I wasn't going to reveal the name, but since you guessed it...;)

  11. 1) That nursery is ADORABLE!!!!
    2) I cannot wait to see what K stands for.
    3) How friggin' cute are you! You are the tiniest pregnant person ever. It literally looks like you are just messing around and put a basketball underneath your tank. :)

    1. haha-people at work have said things like "So THERE'S the missing basketball!" ;)

  12. You are the cutest 9 month pregnant lady I have ever seen! I hope she gets to meet her uncle ASAP, and the nursery is adorable!! I love the book prints and how you arranged them on the wall with the fixture: beautiful!! I can't wait to hear all about the new bundle when she arrives!!

  13. Everything looks beautiful. I love how you worked the odd light fixture into the gallery wall. Soon enough this room will be filled with a sweet little baby!

  14. You and this nursery are so adorable. I can't even imagine how adorable Kardashian is going to be.

  15. The nursery is adorable!! Love the colours, love your "free printable" art and the use of the crystal mobile - can imagine the light reflecting off it!

    Come on, baby Kanye, your uncle needs to meet you before he goes home!!

  16. I was just about to email you and ask "Baby yet???". Of course, you wrote this yesterday, so maybe now?

    What about now?

    Wait. Is she here yet?

    And now?


    Okay. Now I'LL stop. ;)

    ERINNNN!!!!! The nursery is perfect! And by perfect, I mean perfect! You're awesome. And funny. And very pregnant. And adorable.

    Baby K...we want to meet you! You may arrive now.

  17. Stop guessing the name, people. It's Kleopondria.

  18. Katniss... you went all Hunger Games on us, didn't you? Or did you go with Ke$ha?

    K is for Kid, Kiddo, K-I-Double D!

  19. A beautiful room for a beautiful little girl. :)

  20. COME ON BABY! That room is gorgeous! The art is my favorite thing. And the crib. And the cryptic "k". I can't wait to SEE her!

  21. Totes adorbs, as the kids say. My favorite parts are the dresser and pouf. And love the color combo. Here's hoping Baby K comes soon!

  22. You have done a super job on the nursery. I think it is just lovely. I said a prayer for a safe delivery for baby and mom in God's timing. God bless you.

  23. I can't even take it. Your cuteness. That room. The pee - which btw had me roaring in laughter. I'm 33 weeks Saturday and can't wait to see/hear all about your sweet baby K. Hurry up baby girl!

  24. I have a legit guess for the rest of baby K's name. I thought about it like this...

    Erin and Rick... Rick and Erin... What would be a girl's name that starts with K that would make sense for the two of you to decide on?

    You both are music lovers....

    I can't wait to see pictures of Kadence. It is okay if it is Ke$ha though...I guessed that one too... :-p

  25. This nursery is PERFECTION! I love the mix of colors - I especially love coral. And all the details are too cute.

    Come on, baby, come on and meet your family!

  26. The nursery is absolutely adorable! Seriously one of the cutest I've seen!

    Can't wait to meet baby! Come on little girl!

  27. L.O.V.E. the nursery! Was checking to see if baby girl was here yet, but alas it appears she may/may not have arrived? I mean it has been almost a week since you posted this so I'm wondering...baby yet?!?!? :)


  28. Miss K (Kordelia? Kaughneé (since you're an English teacher, you pronounce it "Connie") Kupcake? Kassidy? KarolAnne?) will ♥ her precious room. I love that it totally screams "Erin"! Are the kitties trying to get in her crib yet?
    Happy birthing day -- whenever she decides to come...


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