Could you, would you have white walls? (Plus an accent wall sneak peek)

I’d continue that rhyme from my oh-so-super title but the only thing I can think of that rhymes with “walls” in the .74 seconds I am giving myself to spend on this beginning is “Could you, would you something something balls” and we just won’t go there. Except we probably already did. Apologies.

With the possible exception of the fact that I feel like I got hit by a truck (standing up and down repeatedly is overrated with an extra 10 pounds attached to you) I am feeling good about our recent house progress. Here’s where we stood on our common room makeover up until Saturday…

benjamin moore simply white

…and I say “until Saturday” because on Saturday, something in that room got a big hit of this.


Buuuut I’m not ready to share that particular project with you yet, so that’s all I’ll say for now. (Insert maniacally evil laughter here. Even though evil laughter makes no sense at this moment. Insert it anyway.)

The walls and ceiling have all been painted with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White in eggshell. In my humble clueless opinion that means nothing unless your name is Rick and therefore YOU MUST TRUST ME, Simply White is a really nice warm white—not too stark and icy, but no yellow undertones either. Even though white usually gets a bad rap (generally a renter’s woe), I chose white because a lot of the rooms I am drawn to have white or pale neutral walls with layers of bold color and pattern. Like this:

emily henderson

Or this:

white walls

Or this:

white walls room

Basically, I knew that I wanted the walls to be the backup singers for furniture and accessories and accents that would be the real stars.

simply white benjamin moore

(Um, that back-up singer metaphor? Really, English teacher? That’s the best you could do? Gag. You should probably have a baby and quit your job.) 

The $4 dress from Old Navy that you see folded over the…scale…(???) in the above picture is the possible color palette inspiration for the room. And that dress, while I love the pattern, will not be worn by me in public. Ever. It will become pillows or something else more becoming than a sack on legs with a super unflattering hem and sleeves. Okay, okay; because you insisted, I’ll model it. Peer pressure these days.

DSC_1573You all wish YOUR dresses looked this cute. And that your hair looked this frizzled.

In addition to painting the walls, we also completed the super important step of forever leaving our mark on the floor that will soon-ish be carpeted. Obviously our mark would involve a cat face. Or a noseless, mouthless wannabe cat/rabbit (crabbit?) face with deformed ears. (I’ll give you a hint about which member of our household was the artist here: this person would look even worse in that dress than I did and their name rhymes with SHMICK.)


But despite that fact that I waste time taking pictures of my pasty white legs in non-flattering dresses and that Rick, I mean Shmick, paints pseudo-cat faces on the floor, we are moving right along with this room. Because just three weeks ago from the first picture in this post the same view looked like this:


Gives you a full shot of the floor that is now significantly improved with the addition of a crabbit.


Yes, progress is good.

benjamin moore simply white

Major things still to do:

  • Herringbone the heck out of something in the room. Insert evil laughter again, with even less purpose this time around.
  • Install new trim and crown.We bought MDF on Sunday—and Rick already started installing it. He is on this renovation like butter on bread. Like white on rice. Like bad similes on posts. Like my terrible figurative language is out of control and installing trim will make it stop.
  • Carpet the floor. The whole upstairs is getting wall-to-wall for reasons I’ll discuss in another post but that stem from the lead poisoning I discussed in my last post.
  • Paint that creamy yellow door. It’s like someone went to get their teeth whitened and the dentist missed a tooth. How embarrassing for them. And the dentist.
  • Replace the ceiling fan…and move the new fixture, because it’s no longer centered since the closet was built.

Do you—or would you—have any white walls in your home? Any bad figurative language you’d like me to work into my next post? What do you think got a shot of navy and white herringbone? I’ll send a signed copy of the crabbit portrait to anyone who guesses correctly.


  1. we have white walls throughout our downstairs and i love it because all the elements of the room pop and the rooms stay light and airy. and that wall.... can not wait to see! i just love your style! not the dress, er, uh, but in decor. ;)

  2. Looking good in there! Can't wait to see how the dress inspires everything! And isn't it crazy how much everything hurts on your body when you're pregnant? I got sore just sitting on the couch...

    1. Sitting makes the muscle ache worse, definitely! I stand up and I’m all creaky and unstable. I have a feeling this is what it feels like to get old.

  3. We keep talking about painting our living room white (it's a weird skin-tone color right now) but the walls have a Spanish plaster finish so it's going to take a lot of paint (which makes me not overly excited to tackle it).
    One day...

  4. Love the herringbone pattern! Can't wait to see the wall! That dress is really pretty- the colours and pattern are beautiful. I sympathize with it not looking great on though- it happens to me all the time with dresses and such. Looks like I'm wearing a big boxy sack. Lovely.

  5. Ahhh! Herringbone! What did you paint! I must know!

    Also I love the color pallet of the dress, even if it's not the most flattering fit! I have a hard time with flowy dresses and shirts, if they aren't gathered under the bust or around the waist my big boobs make it look like I've got a big belly. No bueno.

  6. I would not, could not in a box, I would not, could not with a fox...
    Guess I have been reading too much Dr. Seuss lately ;)
    I can not wait to see the herringbone!!!!

  7. I died when you mentioned balls and the word "crabbit". And I'm diggin' your white walls, especially if you are STENCILING HERRINGBONE PATTERNS ON THE WALL. I absolutely loveeeee herringbone.

    And no, I wasn't yelling at you. I swear. I'd never yell at a pregnant woman. I was just trying to show you how excited I am about your reveal that will hopefully be coming soon. :)

    1. haha good, because if you were yelling at this pregnant lady, she'd probably cry. :P

  8. White terrifies me. So weird, right? Your taste is impeccable so I have no concerns. Well, your taste in home decor is impeccable. Fashion.... :P I kid. I kid. I actually have something similar that I use as a swim suit coverup!

  9. I actually am really drawn to white - I tend to like basically everything you do, so I'm sure it is turning out AWESOME.

  10. I ALWAYS love white rooms when I find them on pinterest but I haven't tried it yet. I think I'm really going to love this room.

  11. Things that crack me up: your writing and the thought of Schmick in your dress. Things that look awesome: white walls and your sneak peek of the accent wall. Looking forward to seeing more (of the walls, not of the dress)!

  12. We know that many things skipped a generation from Grammy to you...leaving me clueless on all things fashionable and/or artistic. For example, I've been wearing that Old Navy dress every week since 1977. Pretty remarkable in itself, seeing as Old Navy wasn't even invented then. (I'm a visionary.) Meanwhile, Grammy insisted on having only white walls in her house, AND she wore make-up, AND matched her shoes to her purse, AND knew what colors went together, AND blah, blah, blah...

  13. I've got white walls with, erm, greyish grungy kid-hand-height horizontal stripe throughout. One day, we'll get rid of the kids, I mean white walls and replace them with lovely ever-so-light dusty blue in a scrub-able application.

    The crabbit is 'dorbs! You should create a stuffed animal/pillow to commemorate him.


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