Get pregnant. Get other people to get things done. {Upstairs Renovation Progress}

If you’re in need of some motivation to get things done around your house, I recommend getting pregnant. If you’re in need of some motivation for sitting on the couch while your husband does all of the work around the house, I recommend getting pregnant.

How Rick spent his weekend:


How I spent my weekend:

DSC_1507 (2)Yep. This will be the post my students find.

See? It’s foolproof.

No, seriously, I didn’t sit on the couch the entire weekend. I did get up to, you know, urinate. But it goes without saying that renovation and pregnancy don’t necessarily play nicely, especially when the playground is a house built in 1897. I am not willing to take any risks with this avocado-sized being inside of me. So if I have to make the sacrifice of couch-sitting while serious labor goes on overhead, well, then, by all means, I will.

DSC_1511 (2)Somebody pass the brownies.

We do have a deadline for getting some key things done on this house of ours so that it is as ready as possible when baby arrives in October, AND so we don’t have to be tackling these projects when we’d rather be hanging out with baby…on the couch. ;)

Major part of that: Phase 3 in Revise the Upstairs Floor Plan Plan. (Phase 1 was our bedroom overhaul and Phase 2 was our closet/hallway revamp.)

floor plan upstairs

Thus, over the weekend, Rick and his parents and my dad did some serious drywalling and closet building. We opted to drywall over the disastrous plaster in our upstairs common room because  the walls were like the skin of a 48 year-old person who tanned too much in their youth. And then you have the sponge paint texture that would still subtly be there even once we painted and you have a splotchy orange spray tan ON TOP OF said over-tanned skin, adding insult to injury. (Note: I’d show a picture for comparison but I just about barfed when I googled it, so you’ll just have to rely on my vivid imagery.) Spending $100ish to drywall over it was the best and easiest solution—and now we will have nice smooth walls no longer riddled with leathery orange wrinkles and age spots. I mean…giant dings and cracks.

Friday morning:


By Saturday afternoon! Magic! I felt like one of those people on HGTV who goes away for the day and when they come home their house is improved. I even shrieked and sobbed tears of happiness. Except not really.


These magical beings also framed out and drywalled the walk-in nursery closet, which cuts into the common room but still leaves a good-sized space. There was no closet space in the nursery before, and we obviously need somewhere to hang the 800 onesies that we will get at our baby showers.




New view from the baby’s room. (The freshly skim-coated and sanded walls ironically resemble a sponge paint treatment. Hmm.)


Overall, a giant step in the right direction. Not bad for a weekend on the couch, eh?


Was your weekend more like mine, or Rick’s? Any predictions as to whether the nursery will be for a boy or a girl? We’ll find out in about a month. :)


  1. This is amazing. I had no clue. Bring on the baby. :P

    Your upstairs is looking great. And I'm jealous of your 2 staircases. I always wanted a house with 2 staircases but it made zero sense in ours. I do hope that you are going to repaint in purple sponge paint though. Please say yes.

    1. Sadly I just don't think I'd be able to successfully pull off the technique. Bummer. ;)

  2. Haha I love it, although not enough to get pregnant yet (maybe when we finally get a house).

  3. You are brilliant! Now I'm thinking maybe I should get pregnant...

    maybe after I'm done drinking the wine in my fridge ;)

  4. That is definitely a perk of being pregnant! And I can't wait to see how everything turns out! That's a big project!

  5. This whole post truly cracked me up. My entire pregnancy, I was worthless. Thank goodness I can make a mean list and my husband and parents and in-laws could work hard. ;)

  6. Loved this post. Going home to get pregnant right now! haha. You're upstairs is coming along! Can't wait to see what you do for a nursery! I'm calling a girl!

    1. hahaha um, Christine, TMI? ;)

  7. Pregnancy rocks, for these reasons. I think it's a girl, based on absolutely nothing. I'm so glad you're finding out!

  8. I call into question the Friday morning picture with the chair wedged against the door handle... New form of nursery security? :D

    Oh! And I can see your students using the open-mouth (where's the drool?) picture to create your own personal meme...

    1. haha I think it was an attempt to keep the cats out. So I suppose that's a form of security. :)

  9. Isn't that the best? "Oh honey, I'd LOVE to help you paint right now, but the doctor said it's bad for me. Also so is scrubbing the tub..."

    1. bahahaha so clever…and it’s not like the husband can say no. It’s all for the baby’s health, after all. ;)

  10. Looking good! I'm guessing because of where you live you're going to have a boy (seems like everyone from our neck of the woods has boys) but I WANT you to have a girl because everyone keeps having boys and I want to buy little girl clothes!!!!!!!!!

  11. My weekend was more like Rick's. But then it usually is! What a great transformation! I bet you can't wait to get in there and choose colours - but you'll probably wait until you find out that it's a girl -which it is! I'm sure. Not really. Just guessing.

  12. Anonymous4/30/2013

    I predict you are going to have a girl - but you should make this into a reader's poll and in a month we'll see who wins!

  13. Ahh, I love the direction your upstairs is going! And even better that you don't have to do any of the work for it. ;) But I mean, growing a human IS hard work, right?!?!

  14. Exciting! I can't wait to hear more about the baby plans!
    They did an amazing job in just a weekend, woo hoo! But I am sure you are sad to see the sponge paint go.


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