Snazzy Pillow vs. Snazzier (and Obviously Way More Practical) Mermaid Costume

Sometimes in life you have to make tough decisions. Like, should I enter the mall at JCPenney, or Macy’s? And how many cups of whole wheat flour can I sneak into the pancake batter before Rick will notice? And should I use my Blistex to make a miniature wax sculpture of Adam Levine, or the entire band of One Direction, or Kim Kardashian’s baby bump? And should I do this before, during, or after the faculty meeting?

I didn’t think my recent Joann fabric find was going to spur on any tough decisions.


It was going to become a pillow cover, duh, and it would look like I had spend an entire decade carefully stitching each little scale, and I would blow everyone away since the last pillow I made a decade ago looked like this:

DSC_0798True, this would absorb my drool better.

But then I realized that the fabric could also be used to make the tail of a mermaid costume. And I haven’t been a mermaid since my 6th birthday party. And that was only with the help of a cardboard cutout and some wonky looking shell boobs.

DSC_1539I am proud to say that my left tata is no longer located on my left arm. Happened when I hit puberty.

Just think, with a few whips of the needle I could become this blank-eyed vixen. (Maybe she was whipped in the eyes with that needle?) Conch shells the size of my cat can’t be hard to find.


Like I said, tough decisions.

What’s your vote: pillow or mermaid costume? Or maybe none of the above and instead a pillow sewn into the shape of Adam Levine’s face? That would be totally normal, right?


  1. That will make for SUCH a cool pillow!!

  2. I vote for a pillow too. haha. Although it is tempting with the mermaid costume- how about a mermaid shaped pillow?!

    I am sadly still waiting for puberty to hit and my left tata to detach from my arm. : ( So jealous that that's happened for you already!

  3. OMG. Too funny. What about a mermaid costume for Adam Levine?

    1. hahaha I wonder if he'd go for it...

  4. Roman gladiator costume for Rick (You could hire him out to star in Easter productions around town...)

    BTW -- I always hide oatmeal & flax seed in my guys' pancakes.

  5. I vote for pillow.

    However, I think that fabric would make a rockin' purse! And then you could carry it around on your arm and when people ask where you got it, you'd say "I made it" and people would be blown away and worship at your feet... okay maybe not worship, more like kneel.

    But people would defiantly be blown away.

  6. Go for the mermaid costume - wear it your last day of school - baby bump and all!!

  7. Anonymous3/28/2013

    Ha! It's funny Stella said "Purse" 'cause that was my first thought, too. That's what gets my vote. I actually make purses and totes and folks ask me about them all the time. They're just as easy as a pillow only you don't have to sew up the third end and you don't have to stuff them (except with the junk in your old purse). Yea! 2 votes for a purse!

  8. How am I the only person so far who is dying to see your mermaid costume tutorial?! But okay, it would make a nice pillow too. It just wouldn't be living its BEST life.

  9. You and your tata's = me in giggles every time. Mermaid. Obviously.

  10. Anonymous4/01/2013

    I keep going back and re-reading these posts and it just occurred to me that I've never seen a pregnant mermaid! I think I've changed my vote to mermaid costume!

  11. Mermaid costume, duh.


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