Flying Time & Vacation Tidbits

You know what they say: time flies when you aren’t blogging.

Well, obviously, that’s what someone MEANT to say when the phrase “Time flies when you’re having fun” was instead coined. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. Because that makes perfect morbid sense. Seriously, who came up with that? And why does every child on the planet know that expression? And is Dr. Phil aware of this pandemic?

I didn’t even realize how long it had been until I saw the date of my last post: January 31, 2013. Say what? Almost a month? What have I been doing?

A little of this. A little of that. A lot of attending dance classes on some cruise ship and making this confused concentration constipation face in every single photo that some paparazzi named Rick took.


It’s “Single Ladies.” (Clearly.) With the exception of a more ample rear, Beyoncé hasn’t got anything on me. In fact, that aforementioned paparazzi liked it so much, he put a ring on it. (Bahahahaha…ha…eh.)

Here I am with my paparazzi in New Orleans, which is where our ship picked us up.



We were traveling with my family (minus brother--sad face), Rick’s family, and a whole crew of lovely people from our church. The 19 of us walked a mile from our hotel to the ship, all of our luggage in tow. It was like a Mardi Gras parade minus the beads and inebriation.


We ported in Progresso and Cozumel, Mexico. Pictured below is where Rick would work if he was a Mexican pharmacist. My guess is that customers inquiring whether certain, um, body parts are supposed to look like pickles would be even more entertaining when asked with an accent. No quiero un pickle. El pickle? Si. Ah, un pickle muy mal.


And this is where I would buy my ribbon if I were a Mexican pharmacist’s Mexican wife. (Note to self: work on tan and learn how to say five yards on the bias en Español.)


We also couldn’t help but take a photo of the gorgeous beach in Progresso. And the lady casually waving around a human head in front of said beach.


How the heck have YOU been? Want to have a dance-off? You don’t recognize that head, do you?


  1. looks like a blast! welcome back! though if your career takes off like beyonce's we may not see you again for a while....

  2. 1. I love that you are wearing a cardigan on a cruise ship.
    2. I love that you all take photos in front of pharmacies in foreign countries.
    3. I'll ask my co-worker on to say "5 yards on the bias" in espanol. Just for you. ;)

    1. haha yeah the cardigan...I was cold? :P

  3. I so wish the picture of you dancing to "Single ladies" was a video! Glad you had a great trip!!

    1. I think my dad might have a video…that will NOT be appearing on the blog, haha ;) My dancing in still images is scary enough.

  4. That looks like so much fun! Sun and sand sound soooo nice; glad you got to enjoy some!

  5. You are too funny. Looks like a blast - glad you had a good time!

  6. Anonymous2/27/2013

    1. I'm glad your cruise ship made it back from the Gulf (not like the other one that got stuck out there!);
    2. Remember only the US measures by the "yard", in other countries they have the metric system.; and
    3. I want to know why the pharmacist wasn't up there dancing, too!

  7. Loved the vacation recap! haha. I have missed your hilarity! I agree- cross my heart, etc. is a terribly weird saying. Who comes up with these things?!

  8. hahaha! ~ "It was like a Mardi Gras parade minus the beads and inebriation." ~ hahaha!

    (& inquiring minds wish to know, did somebody actually ask regarding a pickle-looking appendage? Yikes! Spanish or ¡no! -- that's TMI, thankyouverymuch...)

    1. Yes the pickle thing actually happened!! Gross, right?! Rick doesn’t have as many fun stories as I do when we come home from work, but he gets a few weirdos. :)

  9. Umm, yea that head was quite creepy. Great to see you back!

  10. hahah ooo boy you learned the single ladies dance...with a whole bunch of other people watching? LOL!

    I love cruising, I'm glad you had fun!!

    1. Yeah I just sort of hide in the back and hope none of my students somehow also ended up on the cruise. :P

  11. I love your yellow jacket!!!!!!!!! I want to go on a cruise. I just want to be somewhere warm. For, like, ever (cue Taylor Swift).

  12. For a second there, I got kinda mad at you for coming to the south and not at least stopping by Atlanta for a second to visit. Then, I remembered that New Orleans is like 9 hours away, and I forgave you, but just a little.

  13. Haha! Sounds like an awesome trip!
    Such a cute pic of you guys in NOLA!

  14. Do you do a yearly cruise? Glad you're getting the traveling in now. Hint, hint.

    I haven't traveled in...forget it...I'm not telling you. It's too pathetic.

    And no, I do not recognize that head. Whew!


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