Dear cats,

I know you love us. You give us presents. A little lick on the hand, a toy left at the door when we come home, a snuggly purr on the couch.

But this time, you really outdid yourselves. This time, you gave us a mouse. A dead mouse.

On our bed.

Of course I didn’t take a picture, which you were probably hoping for as a sort of permanent tribute to your victory. That would have required sustained proximity, and besides, I am incapable of recognizing any Kodak moment when I’m too busy shrieking and flailing around like I’ve just seen a disgusting dead rodent on my pintuck comforter.

Oh wait. I HAD just seen a disgusting dead rodent on my pintuck comforter.

If your dad hadn’t been home to dispose of the carcass, I probably would have slept on the couch.

This is the second murdered rodent you’ve left for us. I’m beginning to think that when we aren’t around, you morph into fire-breathing, homicidal demons.


Please work on that. I can’t have my naively-ignorant-of-all-natural-cat-instincts view of my angelic babies tainted by such events.




  1. Ewww! I've heard of cats leaving dead rodents on the front steps or something...but your BED?! Your cats must really love you. :-) I hope you have a rodent-free weekend, Erin!

  2. Oh yuck! One of our cats HAULED IN A DEAd BIRD UNDER OUR DINING ROom RUG BUT ThanKfully not iN OUR BED! augh! that is love in thEIR EYES, THey shared their PRESENT With You. LUCKY YOU. (Sorry for the crAZY TYPING, SPILLED WATER on the laptop and it's acting crazy.)

  3. Gross! Our cats only ever catch things like flies and spiders (and I don't mind them getting rid of those). I would freak over a dead mouse!

  4. Oh man I would've been freaking out! They wanted to show you their winnings haha! We don't have any cats but our dog likes to leave chewed up sticks in his mouth and then spit them out on our floor when he comes back inside. weird pup ;)

  5. Oh my! What's with cats?
    We live in a forested area so my neighbour's cat brings home snakes. Sometimes they are still alive!!! The cat plays with them in the living room. I only know this because I can hear the daughters SCREAMING from inside the house. Haha... it makes me laugh! But, I wouldn't be laughing if it was my house!

  6. LOL! I would have flipped out as well! GROSS!

  7. EKK! This is pretty yuck, but *try* to keep in mind it's them giving you gifts of/for love & approval, a point of pride(so I'm told). My (nearly) in-laws cat leaves all kinds of 'treats' along their stone walkway (outside, luckily)...mice, moles, snakes, birds. All of which give me the complete willies when I almost step on them. That said, are your cats inside only? If so, you might want to check out some mouse repellent.

    1. They figured out how to open the basement door and have been playing down there while we're gone, so we're pretty sure that's where Mr. (Mrs.?) Mouse came from because we haven't seen droppings or heard them in the walls or anything. Still gross and we probably should still look into some repellent...

  8. Hahahaha, oh no! At least.. at least it was a gesture of love?

  9. First of all...HI! I'm alive. Ca-Razy two weeks.

    Second of all...um...we have that "twin" thing going on again. Scary! Sasha actually wrote ME a blog post today. (I promise your cats didn't call her and give her the idea.)

    Thirdly...your cats are disgusting. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

    In conclusion: burn your comforter. Maybe you can make a new one out of some scraps of something. You're MISS DIY. You can do it.

  10. Rachel3/23/2012

    I don't think the PLACEMENT of their little gift was good but the fact they killed the mouse is a good thing. I know you don't want to think of your kitties as cute mouse murderers but mice (as cute as they are) can be a real problem for homeowners. If they are catching them outside and bringing them in that is one thing but I know your cats are all indoor kitties so they have to be catching them inside.

    Mice can get into your walls and chew on wire. They can cause house fires. They can rip up the insulation in your walls and chew on drywall. They can get into boxes in the attic and basement and ruin things. My parents house has mice and the cats aren't good mousers so we have had to set traps. When I packed all my childhood toys and books up and stuck them in the attic I didn't think much about it. When I was home to ship all my stuff to OKC I discovered that mice has made nests and peed/pooped in my box of stuffed animals. A few of them I couldn't fix and had to throw out. A couple meant so much to me that I shipped anyway and will just have to figure out how to get the stains out (Muffy and Fluffy :-() They chewed up some of my books and even got into the box with the trolls and chewed some of their hair (poor Dawg).

    Morale of the story...they could have figured out a better place to dispose of their prize but you are lucky to have good mousers in your house!

  11. Too funny! I totally understand. My cat recently cornered a mouse, and it gave me the willies; however, it could be worse. Our cats could just play and tease the mice and let them have the run of the house. I'm thankful our kitties love us!

  12. Bahahahaha. Oh how dreadful!
    My grandparents had a cat that used to line up dead (or almost dead) rodents outside the front door. He would wait for my grandpa to come out and see them before devouring each one. Kitties are funny.

  13. What?! They worked so hard to find and collect that mouse, to hunt it down - predator and prey - then kill it in such a way that you would know it was hard work, then drag it all the way back to you. And they didn't just stop there - they deposited it carefully and considerately right where you wouldn't miss it. It was A GIFT OF THANKS TO YOU. The least you could do is thank them.

  14. ommmmggggg.....i just don't know what i would do! our cats are good mousers too, in the event that i have never seen one in our house, but they haven't brought any dead ones to us. on the bed..i got goosebumps just reading about it!

  15. Ewwwwwwwww. My childhood cat got bit by a mouse. True story. I never had to worry about dead rodents with him!

  16. When we first got married we lived in a house built in 1919 & it had been unoccupied for several years. There were lots of rodents around, so we got a kitty. Never saw another mouse & in the spring we saw many bulbs blooming that we had no idea were in the yard -- evidently Stormy kitty was also keeping the neighborhood feral bunnies away...

  17. Oh dear. I know they are bringing you presents but it never fails to make me freak out. I am thankful we haven't had a mouse incident yet but our little one is quite the hunter. Thankfully, it is just lizards and bugs of all sorts.

  18. I would probably be checking everywhere around my bed from here on out looking for mice. at least they're dead and they get can't gnaw at your hair while your sleeping. yuck. :)

  19. Our dog brought in a baby bunny. It was on the stairs half way up to the 2nd floor. I don't know what I would have done if the dog had gotten it closer to our bedroom. And to this day, I'm not sure which dog it was....

  20. You should definitely praise them for doing a good job, gross though it may be to you and me. They are trying to please you. Good kitties! I had a cat that used to bring them and lay them at my fit as though I were the queen being given a great tribute. Ha! I would yell my husband's name. He could tell by the quiver in my voice that I had been given a kitty present. It didn't happen often but it always took me by surprise

  21. I just found your blog through Popcorn on the Stove and Love you humorous spin on life's less than pleasant events. Humor mixed with DIY will keep me reading.


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