Mirror, mirror on the…floor.

I would have called this post “Mirror, mirror on the wall” like the saying most of the world knows, except there would have been two minor flaws with that title:

A) None of our mirrors are actually on the wall.

B) I would most likely have been the 10,000th blogger to use that title, and chances are a hole would have opened in the sky and confetti would have poured out on me with a big banner that said “CONGRATZ ON BEING THE 10,000TH HUMAN TO USE THAT TITLE; YOU ARE THE WINNER OF A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF PICKLED BEETS.” Or something.

Why are none of our mirrors on the wall? Because I hoard them, then do nothing with them. My hoard sits on the floor because I don’t know where to put them—yet. But when you find used or clearance mirrors for so cheap, and brand new mirrors practically cost more than a year’s supply of pickled beets, and I have a big house with a lot of naked walls, who am I to pass them up?

Let’s take a look at my stash.

We first have this yard sale one, the twin sister of our half bath mirror.


Then this full length leaning mirror, also from a yard sale.


Next, this cute one from the clearance shelf at Target.


The next one is one of my favorites: it’s a sunburst mirror that used to belong to my mom’s mom, my Grammy. I can’t picture where it used to hang in her house anymore, but I like that I have something of hers for my own home. The orange things are from someone using it as a prop in a musical. My mom rescued it and gave it to me.


This dusty pile sits in my dusty AND scary crap room junk room black hole room craft room.


This one hails from Bed Bath and Beyond’s clearance section. It used to be black and gold, but I already spray painted it the fun aqua. It’s going to be hung in our closet/stairway soon. I hope.


The next ones are small but heavy, and came from Goodwill forever ago. I’ll probably use these with that dusty pile above to make a mirror collage in our dining room.


These three black ones have also been around for a while. I like their chunkiness.


This pretty now-white one is another yard sale purchase. It was gold.


And the last two are my most recent victims, both from Craigslist. This one is huge and I’m hoping to put it above our future double vanity.


This one is just a little smaller than the previous one. I don’t yet have a plan for it.


So that’s my mirror stash: 23 in all. (That number is even startling to me.) Rick has already filled out the paperwork for my insane asylum admission. If he sends me off for rehab, I’ll give my mirrors away to you. Which ones will you take? Or would you prefer that year’s supply of pickled beets? ;)


  1. finally! someone who loves and has as many mirrors as i do!

  2. oh my goodness, you must have a very chill husband. When I purchase something, my husband wants to know where its going within 5 days of purchase or it gets put in the attic. Not kidding. Otherwise, I'd totally do this too.

    That mirror of your granmother's is SO cool. I love that she had a sunburst mirror before everyone caught on.

  3. I heard A&E is filming a special Hoarders...mirror edition. I'll send your name in.

    I'll take that sister to your half-bath off your hands. It has my powder room's name all over it. Making a trip to Iowa soon?

  4. 23 mirrors?! Woah! The last two are my favorites. You are right, mirrors are SO expensive, you've got to get them when they are cheap!

  5. At least you are only hoarding mirrors and not cats...
    You have a quite a nice collection. I might take a few, especially the one for over your vanity.

  6. When you first said you hoarded mirrors I was thinking "it's probably like 5 or 6" which would still be a lot. 23 blows my mind!

    My fave is the one that used to be gold that you sprayed white. I've been searching for one like that but alas have yet to find it at a reasonable price.

  7. Oh my gosh! You really do have a lot of mirrors! I can understand why----they are all beautiful!

  8. I'll pass on the pickled beets... but if you're just handing them out, I like the last one. ;)

  9. Wow... I was like Brandi and expecting like 5 or 6. 23 is insane! lol. I think I need to take that last one off your hands to make this a more reasonable amount. : ) Do you ship to Canada?

  10. I am jealous of your mirror collection! It seems I can never find the perfect mirror (I need one for the bedroom and one for the living room).

  11. WHOA, that's a ton of mirrors. I love your grammy's one, and the floral-y one you painted white. I suddenly feel mirror-incompetent though, haha.

  12. Love the mirror from your Grammy! I'm a secret mirror hoarder, too! Love the idea of a mirror gallery wall. Of course, I have a pin board for that. Some day I'll get to that project...

  13. WOW! That is a lot of mirrors! If Rick ships you off I'll take the sunburst mirror and the very last one, but let's hope it doesn't come to that ;)

  14. I'm feeling a little less like a hoarder - JK. I would gladly take the floor one of your hands, and I love the shape of the last one.

  15. Why are there never any really cool mirrors like these in Springfield, Illinois?? They are all beautiful.....but I'd steal the very last one if I lived closer :)

  16. You hoard mirrors, apparently I hoard chairs. I have 2 sofas, 1 loveseat, 4 bar stools, 10 regular chairs, 1 papasan chair, 4 plastic patio chairs, 2 folding pation chairs..... in a house with just me

  17. I am so jealous! I only have 4 non-builder-issued-bath mirrors in my whole house. I would kill, (wait no... um maybe) to have a mirror gallery wall. I pinterested one where a blogger antique-y de-silvered like 15 mirrors for her wall.

  18. I ALSO have a mirror stash! Every time we go to a yard sale and there's a mirror, Andy gets out of the way because he knows that's where I'm headed. HOWEVER, why do I never see mirrors as fabulous as yours?! You should have a yard sale and sell them all. To me.

  19. Wow you have lots of mirrors :) I couldn't have that many mirrors in the house lol

    I am your newest follower you can follow me back here:http://acountrygirlcan.blogspot.com/

  20. The three little chunky ones are probably the ones I'd want most. I've got the opposite problem because my apartment doesn't have a good mirror but it needs one.
    I, Like Eva, also hoard chairs. My studio apartment has 10. And I live alone. It's a blessing and a curse.

  21. That is a prety extensive collection!

  22. Wow! What a collection Erin. I love mirrors too, I have a few that I have collected and have not hung...but my collection is not nearly as extensive as yours. Maybe you should open up a shop :)

  23. When I read the beginning of the post I was excepting 7 or 8 mirrors. Holy mirror hoarder!!!! YOu have a beautiful collection. You know what I"m going to say, right? Me living next door to you and stealing your mirrors while you work...yadda yadda:)

  24. ok how is it that you have 23 mirrors hanging around and i have a mirror shortage and can never find any!! These are all so unique and beautiful!

  25. And I thought I had a lot of mirrors. I loved every one of those!

  26. Hahaha! Too funny. Now I thought I had a thing for mirrors (and clocks too) but now I feel so much better. Normal-like even. Thanks for that reality check!



  27. Ok, it looks like you are a mirror hoarder! But they are all so pretty I would be too! Looks like you got some great deals on them, which makes them even better!


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