The Windy City & Our Trendy Kitties

Quite the title, right? It will soon make sense. Well, as much sense as shopping at Crate & Barrel for cat dishes can ever make. (Hint, hint.)

Over April break, Rick and I, along with my parents and sister, went to Chicago to visit my brother, who just graduated from Northwestern. Here are some highlights in pictures:

Love the sign. And brother's face. Even if someone probably did scratch off the "To" on purpose.
Freezing during the Cubs game at Wrigley Field!
Freezing after the Cubs game at Wrigley Field! Please note the score. :)
Rick sampling Dog Food jelly beans at the Jelly Belly Warehouse in WI. Please note the worker in the background who fed Rick said sample.
Standing around in some lame Cheese Castle store as though it's perfectly normal to discuss wine while wearing giant cheese hats.
Cold but happy in the city. :)
At Frank's Diner, one of the diners Guy Fieri visited on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!
Family photo-opp in the conservatory. :)

And although we don't have a picture to prove it, we also visited my first Crate and Barrel EVER.

{Insert fireworks, marching bands, and other jubilant sound effects here.}

I am cheap and bought nothing.

However, we also visited the Crate & Barrel Outlet. And that's where the Trendy Kitties part of the title comes in, because our felines now officially have cooler plates than we do. Check it out:

The above pictures are practically Fancy Feast advertisement material. Only Gingerbread would be a fluffy Persian cat with a flat face eating caviar instead of crusty old dry food. (Little does she know how much her life really stinks in comparison.)

But there you have it--our trip to the Windy City and our trendy kitties. Anyone else ever sampled the Jelly Belly Beanboozleds? Anyone else wear cheese hats? Anyone else buy C&B items for their pets? Or are we the only crazies around? :)


  1. Oh, my goodness! Our whole family made the blog! This is like the greatest day of my life! I'm fairly certain that if I step outside right now, someone is bound to ask me for an autograph! (That is the end of my comment, for I think I have broken the exclamation point key on the computer...)

  2. best line of the whole post:

    "i am cheap and bought nothing"

    that is me too! :) i love to go and look around but i hardly ever buy anything unless i have a gift card! :) love those super modern cat bowls. very "fancy feast." and your cat is way prettier than the flat faced one. :)

  3. Your picture at Frank's Diner is precious! Was the food any good?

    I LOVE Chicago! Did you go to the Crate and Barrel on Michigan Avenue? So many floors of wonderfulness!!...but don't feel bad, I didn't buy anything either!

  4. Aislinn6/01/2011

    How fun! Also, it's obviously been a long time since I've seen your sister... when I first saw that last picture of her I was like "who is that girl?!" she's looking so grown up!

  5. Michelle-the food was good there if you like things like breakfast garbage plates...that's what they're known for I guess! :) And we did go to the one on Michigan Ave...it's HUGE!!

  6. Just found you today....you made me smile many times.....you are a hoot....love your blog.....

  7. Brendan7/19/2011


    Second of all, CRATE & BARREL HAS THE BEST CHAIRS EVER! You should get one of the big overstuffed brown chairs for the cats. They'd love it. And then when they're done with it, ship it on out to Phoenix :-)


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